2015 Vintage Home Tour



This year our tour celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act and May as National Preservation Month


This year’s Vintage Home Tour theme, “Cherishing Our Past” is derived from the first half of the City of Corona’s motto, “To Cherish Our Past, To Plan Our Future.” Four beautiful and distinctive homes and the historic First Baptist Church chapel are included on the tour. They are edifices built from 77 to 122 years ago.


These five structures cover a wide spectrum of architectural styles. A pioneer two-story vernacular wood framed structure, built in 1888 and remodeled in 1925 to a spacious Colonial-Revival Style home, a one-story Craftsman Style Bungalow, built in 1912, a two-story Tudor Revival style home, built in 1938, a two-story Mediterranean-Spanish Revival Style home, built in 1930 and a very traditional Colonial Revival church chapel with pointed tower and carillon chimes. All are excellent examples of their styles of architecture.


Note: The four homes featured on the tour are candidates for Corona Historic Landmark status. They are eligible to be recognized by the City Council as physical elements of Corona’s historical development that provide the community with its own unique civic identity and character. Landmarks must be at least 50 years old, have significant historic, cultural or architectural value, and demonstrate authenticity of physical identity.


All four homes have received Heritage Home Awards and the First Baptist Church was honored in 2005 with an Historic Site Marker from the Corona Historic Preservation Society (No. 11).

The Corona Historic Preservation Society reactivated its Historic Home Tour program in 2007 after a ten-year hiatus. We renamed the event the "2007 Vintage Home Tour" and celebrated five beautiful and distinctive homes that were built more than 75 years ago. Over 350 visitors rediscovered the craftsmanship and charm of homes built during another era.


The Corona Historic Preservation Society also sponsored Vintage Home Tours in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 (one was planned for 2009, but the state of the economy did not provide favorable circumstances in which to stage it), each with four or five homes not presented previously. Many of the featured homes are listed on the city's Historic Resources listing of Landmark Properties so visitors could experience both historically and architecturally significant homes that continue to be used many decades after their construction and initial occupancies.


The purpose in celebrating Historic Preservation Month with a tour of historic properties is to raise awareness of structures, architectural styles and labor-saving devices of yesteryear and how they weave together the cultural roots of our community. It also gives us opportunities to learn about who and how Coronans of the past once lived. One of the goals of the tour is to educate the public so that they might acquire a desire to preserve that which remains of Corona's past glory and that they would be favorably disposed to return for future events.


Guests are invited to walk through the homes which serve as windows to the past. Visitors are able to see classic architectural elements, labor-saving designs, beautiful woodwork, unique windows, other designs and craftsmanship that would be hard to duplicate today. Everyone is encouraged to admire details, the little extras, beautiful furnishings and finish work which remain after nearly a century or more.


Note: Often the homes featured are Corona Historic Landmarks. As such, they have been identified by the Planning Commission and the City Council as physical elements of Corona's historical development that provide the community with its own unique civic identity and character. Requirements for Corona Landmark status: Site must be at least 50 years, have significant historic, cultural or architectural value, and demonstrate authenticity of physical identity as evidenced by the survival of characteristics that existed during the Landmark's period of significance.


The Corona Historic Preservation Society strongly believes that the preservation of historic properties has the power to protect and enhance our city's historic core neighborhoods by recycling and reusing or repurposing older structures again and again. This is the ultimate goal in "green" building. The Corona Historic Preservation Society is proud to present these Vintage Home Tours and hopes that you will enjoy the photographs, descriptions and recollections we have been able to capture.


Please plan to join us at future Vintage Home Tours. They are typically scheduled on the first Saturday in May, which has been designated as National Preservation Month.


The flyer for the current year’s event is found below. Flyers for previous tours can be found when viewing the file corresponding to that year’s tour below.


Note: A Field Guide to American Houses by Virginia & Lee McAlester was used to identify the architectural styles of these homes.

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