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What is CHPS (Corona Historic Preservation Society)?

The Corona Historic Preservation Society a nonprofit education and advocacy group whose membership is dedicated to protecting and preserving the architectural and cultural heritage of the City of Corona, including active research of persons, places and things important to and/or related to the history of Corona, its predecessor, South Riverside and other local environs..


Why is “architectural and cultural heritage” important?

The City of Corona has a rich and significant history, some of which is evident in its preserved buildings other evidences can be found in the personalities and history of the city’s founders and early inhabitants. We still have images of many commercial structures that gave Corona its character. We are also blessed with many very beautiful homes and structures that tell a story of our past. The lives of the city’s early inhabitants and businesses are instructive of the city’s rich heritage. We try to honor our City’s motto, “To Cherish Our Past - To Preserve Our Future.” By “cherishing our past”, we more effectively “prepare for the future” so our children and grandchildren will know what kind of “roots” our city had.


What’s the difference between CHPS, the Corona Historical Society, the Library’s Heritage Room and the Corona Heritage Foundation?

Corona Historic Preservation Society focuses primarily on research of Corona’s past, the perpetuation, protection and preservation of personal histories, homes, commercial buildings, and historical districts and designates historic sites within the city.  The Historical Society existed for about 10 years and focused its efforts on preservation of the city’s Andrew Carnegie Library. It merged with the CHPS in 1983. The W.D. Addison Heritage Room at Corona’s Public Library concentrates on preserving documentation of our past (i.e. books, photos, records, manuscripts, and some memorabilia) and provides a place where serious research can be accomplished. The Corona Heritage Foundation operates the Corona Heritage Park and Museum where displays of historic artifacts, Corona business and other memorabilia, and ephemera associated with Corona’s past are open to the public for educational purposes. One of the former homes on the site houses the Model Railroading Society’s HO scale railroad layout of Corona in 1949. Other tenants include glass blowing, woodworking and artists.


What is the goal of CHPS?

To protect and preserve accurate local histories, architecturally significant homes, buildings, and historical districts within the city through advocacy and public education and to ensure that new development within the city’s historic districts follows the city’s historic architectural guidelines.


How does CHPS go about this?

Through an active program of quarterly meetings, events, involving field trips, walking tours, workshops and lectures, and advocacy and activism at City Hall.


Does the organization have regular meetings?

There are quarterly meetings providing activities for the membership and a general membership meeting at the Holiday Party in December each year. The Board of Directors meets once a month.


Does the organization have a newsletter?

Yes. The CHPS Newsletter is published and mailed bimonthly.  An electronic version is available on the internet at www.corona-history-org.


Are there tours and workshops?

Yes. CHPS periodically presents community forums, educational programs, lectures, panel discussions, etc for its members and the public. Please contact our office or website www.corona-history-org for the current schedule.


Does the Corona Historic Preservation Society have a website or is it engaged in providing information using social media? Yes. The CHPS website is found at and the CHPS Group can be located on Facebook at


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